Terms and Conditions - Hero Affiliates

Casino Heroes and Betser Affiliate Program Terms and Conditions


0. Definitions and Interpretations

"Agreement" in this case means understanding and acceptance of the Terms and Conditions listed below. 

"Affiliate" means the person that becomes part of this Affiliate Program. 

"Hero Affiliates" means the story that you, as an Affiliate, create by being part of Casino Heroes and Betser Affiliate Program. 

"Affiliate Program" means the collaboration between the Casino Heroes and the Affiliate,  where the Affiliate will promote the Casino Heroes website and in this way, generate new Casino Heroes players. The affiliate will receive a net revenue commission, defined under this agreement, based on the amount of new players that make a deposit on the Casino Heroes page. 

"Affiliate Website(s)" means the website(s) that is run on the World Wide Web which are maintained and operated by the Affiliate.

"Casino Heroes and Betser" means the Hero Gaming Limited.

"Commission" means the percentage of the Net Revenue as set out in the Casino Commission Structure.

"The company" means Hero Gaming Limited, a company incorporated in Malta, with registration number  C61794 with its registered address at the following address Central Business Centre - Room 1, Level 1 - Suite 2, Mdina Road, Zebbug ZBG9015, Malta.

"Confidential Information" means all sorts of information of commercial, financial or essential value for any of the Parties. For example, list of customers, records, financial reports and conditions, trade secrets, know-how, prices and sale information, business know-how, products, strategies, database, technology, marketing plans, manners of operation, market opportunities and personal data of the Company.

"Intellectual Property Rights" means any copyrights, patents, trademarks, service marks, inventions, domain names, brands, business names, utility brands, rights in computer software, source codes, rights in databases and know-how, design rights.  

"Links" means the content of a hypertext of the Affiliate Website(s) to the Casino Heroes and Betser website.

"Net Revenue" means: the amount of real money bet by Casino Heroes and Betser from Customers less (a) the money paid to Customers as winnings, (b) bonuses and/or loyalty bonuses, (c) administration fees, (d) fraud costs, (e) charge-backs, (f) returned stakes (g) duties or taxes (h) jackpot contribution and (i) any commissions/fees due to third parties for providing/licensing games and/or games software. Moreover, in order to avoid misunderstandings, all the above mentioned amounts are only the one generated from New Customers referred to the Casino Heroes and Betser Websites by the Affiliate Website(s).

"New Customer" means a new customer of Casino Heroes or Betser who: has opened a new Casino Heroes player account, registering after having been referred from the Affiliate Website(s) to the Casino Heroes Website; has made a first deposit on the Casino Heroes Website betting account in concordance with the terms and conditions of the Casino Heroes Website, but excluding the Affiliate, its employees, relatives and/or friends; and is not already in Casino Heroes customer database (happening when the customer has previously closed his Casino Heroes player account and opened a new one through the Affiliate). 

"Party" means on one hand, the company Casino Heroes and on the other hand, the Affiliate. In plural is used as "parties". 

"Privacy Policy" means www.casinoheroes.com is privacy policy, which can be found by clicking the link named "Terms & Conditions" in the footer of www.casinoheroes.com.


1. Introduction

(b) By completing and accepting the Affiliate Application the Affiliate accepts, and agrees with all the terms and conditions of the Agreement.
(c) This Agreement binds the Affiliate once the Affiliate Application has been submitted but does not enter into effect until the Company has approved the Affiliate Application.

(d) The Company will evaluate the Affiliate Applications and will send a written notification via email to the Affiliate regarding the acceptance. The Company reserves the rights to refuse Affiliate Applications or require further information from the Affiliate. 


2. Qualifying Conditions

The Affiliate warrants and undertakes that:

(a) he/she has full capacity and authority and all necessary licenses, permits and consents to enter into this Agreement;


(b) he/she is allowed according to the local legislation to perform the activities defined in this Agreement;


(c) he/she fully understands and accepts the terms and conditions of this Agreement.


3.  Company´s Rights and Obligations 


(a) The Company will evaluate the Affiliate Applications and will send a written notification via email to the Affiliate regarding the acceptance. The Company reserves the rights to refuse Affiliate Applications for any reason or require further information from the Affiliate.


(b) After the acceptance of the Affiliate, a unique player-tracking code will be assigned to the Affiliate, and the Affiliate will be integrated in the technical platform of the Casino Heroes Website. 


(c) The Company is responsible for the marketing services of the online gaming activities offered through the Casino Heroes Website. The Company is responsible also for providing the Affiliate with information and marketing material necessary for the implementation of the Links.

(d) The Company is in charge of administrating the turnover generated via the Links, recording the net revenues and the total amount of commission earned via the Links, and finally providing the Affiliate with commission statistics. 


(e) The Company is in charge of the customer service related to the business of the Company. Also the Company assures that a unique tracking identification code will be assigned to all New Customers. 


(f) The Company is responsible for paying the Affiliate his/her compensation based on the number of new referred Customers, in concordance with this Agreement. 


(g) The Company reserves the right to cancel, alter or close its Affiliate Program, and/or alter the provisions of the Agreement at any time the Company considers appropriate under the following circumstances: bankruptcy, acquisition or merge, or legal reasons.  A written notification to the Affiliate concerning any such cancellation or alteration in the Affiliate Program and/or this Agreement should be made and will take effect fourteen (14) days’ after such notice takes place. The written notification may be given by email and/or by pop-up message.   


(h) Further, the Company shall not be responsible for any indirect losses or damages incurred by the Affiliate, damages due to business interruption, or loss of information, even if such losses should arise from the inability of the Company to operate its Affiliate Program as stipulated in this Agreement, whether is the Company´ s fault or whether it is a third party´s fault.


(i) The Company reserves the rights to determine,  in its sole and absolute discretion, whether potential New Customers shall be accepted or not. The Company shall also in its sole and absolute discretion be entitled to determine whether to close New Customer’s account if it, in the sole opinion of the Company, is necessary to obey with the Company’s policy and/or to protect the interest of the Company.


4.  Affiliate´s Obligations and Rights


4.1. The Affiliate hereby warrants and undertakes: 


(a) that he/she has the responsibility to perform actively, by effectively marketing and using its best efforts to promote the Casino Heroes and Betser Website as widely as possible in order to maximize the benefits of both Parties. 

(b) to use links, promotion, advertising or marketing material provided within the solely scope of the Affiliate Program, and no other material relating to Casino Heroes unless specifically written authorized by the Company.  


(c) agrees to market and refer potential players to the Website at its own cost and expense.


(d) that the Affiliate's marketing activities must be professional, proper and according to the regulations of the Agreement.


(e) to use only links provided by Casino Heroes with the scope of the Hero Affiliate Program.


(f) that he/she is responsible for the maintenance and development of the Affiliate Website(s).


(g) to conduct its business in a way that reflects favorably upon the high quality image of Casino Heroes.   


(h) to warrant a professional, proper and lawful marketing activities all of the content of the Affiliate Website(s).


(i) it will not perform any act, and that the Affiliate Website(s) neither does nor will contain any material, which is libelous, discriminatory, obscene, unlawful or otherwise unsuitable or which contains sexually explicit, pornographic, obscene or graphically violent materials.

(j) it will not target players who are under the legal age for gambling, and shall, for example, not provide facilities for gambling which are meant to appeal particularly to children or young people.

(k) it will not target any jurisdiction where gambling and the promotion there is illegal. The following list contains the territories that are right now out of Casino Heroes target market: the U.S.A., Italy, France, Spain, Belgium, Denmark, Guyane (French Guiana), Réunion, Guadeloupe, Martinique, China or Hong Kong

 (l) that it will not generate traffic to the Casino Heroes Website by illegal or fraudulent activity, particularly but not limited to by:

(l.1.) sending spam;

(l.2.) registering as a player or make deposits directly or indirectly to any player account. Therefore, neither you nor your immediate family or friends may become Customers and you shall not be entitled to any payment under this Agreement in relation to such family or friends. Immediate family in this context means your spouse, partner, parent, child or sibling. Violation of this provision shall be deemed to be fraud;

(l.3.) presenting the Affiliate Website(s) in such a way that it might evoke any risk of confusion with the Casino Heroes Website or convey the impression that the Affiliate Website(s) is partly or fully originated with/from the Casino Heroes Website and/or the Company


(m) subject to the marketing material as may be forwarded by the Company and/or made available online through the website www.heroaffiliates.com, the Affiliate may not use "casinoheroes.com" or other terms, trademarks and other Intellectual Property Rights of the Company unless the Company consents to such use in writing. This includes the registration and usage of domain names containing "casinoheroes" or misspelling of the same, as well as buying search traffic based on the search phrase "Casinoheroes", "casino heroes", "Betser" and "betser casino".


4.2. The Company reserves the right to freeze the Affiliates account and/or deduct money from the Affiliate if any traffic is deemed to have been referred through fraudulent means or in breach of the terms and conditions of the Agreement.


5. Payment


(a) The Company shall pay the Affiliate the Commission as specified below. The Commission is exclusively based on the number of New Customers and shall be deemed to be inclusive of value added tax or any other applicable tax. Mention that the payment options might be changed along the way.


(b) The Commission granted by the Company to the Affiliate will be calculated at the end of each month and the payments will take place in the first ten (10) working days of the next calendar month. Notice that the payment will take place only when the Commission amount has reached the minimum amount of 100€. If it has not reached the minimum amount of 100€ it will be accumulated and carried over the following month(s) until the 100€ are reached and/or exceeded and the Company can proceed with the payment.  The commission will be paid in the official currency of the Eurozone, the euro.


(c)  Payment of Commissions shall be realized in concordance with the payment method chosen by the Affiliate in the Affiliate Application. If an error is made in the calculation of the Commission, the Company reserves the right to correct such calculation at any time and will immediately pay out underpayment or deduct the overpayment made to the Affiliate in the future commission payment.


(d) If the Affiliate disagrees with the balance of the Commission reported should notify the Company within fifteen (15) working days presenting clearly the reasons of such dispute at the following email address: contact@affiliatesaga.com. Failure to report within the predetermined time limit shall be considered as an irrevocable acknowledgment of the balance due for the period indicated.


(e) The Affiliate's acceptance of the payment of the Commission shall be assumed to constitute the full and final settlement of the balance due for the relevant period.


(f) The Company may in its sole discretion withhold the payment of any balance to the Affiliate for up to one hundred-and-eighty (180) days if the Company needs to investigate and verify that the relevant transactions comply with the provisions of the Agreement.


(g) The Affiliate accepts to return the amount of commissions received based on fraudulent or falsified transactions. Commissions received based on fraudulent transactions shall be deducted from future commissions until the funds have been paid back in full. 


(h) The Affiliate takes full responsibility to self-pay any applicable social security contributions (taxes, levies, fees, charges and any other money payable both locally and abroad to any tax authority) on the remuneration received under this Agreement. The Company shall under no circumstances whatsoever be held liable for any such amounts unpaid but found to be due by the Affiliate and the Affiliate shall indemnify the Company in that regard.


(i) The Affiliate accepts that he/she may, at the sole discretion of the Company, be provided with the opportunity to restructure its commission structure.


6. Use of Marketing Material 


(a) The Affiliate is granted a revocable, limited, non-exclusive, nontransferable right to display the Marketing material provided within the scope of the Affiliate Program  on the Affiliate Website(s) during the duration of this Agreement. The Affiliate shall make no other use of the Marketing material. As above-mentioned in this Agreement (section 4.1. (b) ), the use of the Marketing material must be professional, proper and lawful under applicable laws. For the avoidance of doubt, the Affiliate shall not be entitled to sublicense or otherwise assign any right of use (in whole or in part) of the rights granted hereunder.


(b) The Affiliate is not allowed to alter or in modify any of the Marketing material without the prior written permission of Company authorized in a written form. 


(c) The Affiliate acknowledges and agrees that the use of the Internet and the Hero Affiliates Program is at the Affiliate's own risk. The Company makes no guarantee in relation to the accessibility of the Casino Heroes Website at any particular time or any particular location. The Company shall in no case be liable to the Affiliate or anyone else for any inaccuracy, error or omission in, or loss, injury or damage caused in whole or in part by failures, delays or interruptions of the Casino Heroes Website or the Hero Affiliates Program.


(d) During the term of this Agreement, the Links shall be prominently displayed on the Affiliate Website(s) in accordance with what is agreed between the Company and the Affiliate.


(e) All intellectual property rights and any goodwill arising in links and all Marketing material, products, associated systems and software relating to the Website shall remain the property of the Company Casino Heroes  The Affiliate shall not register or purchase domain names, keywords, search terms or other identifiers for use in advertising or search or referral services which are similar or identical with the trademarks of the Company or which include the words "Casino Heroes" or variations thereof. Additionally, the Affiliate shall immediately notify the Company any improper or wrong use of the Company's and/or Casino Heroes intellectual property that comes to the attention of the Affiliate. The Company is however not obliged to defend such rights. If the Company opt for defending its rights, the Affiliate shall at its own cost and to a reasonable extent assist the Company.


(f) The Affiliate shall use every effort to safeguard the intellectual property rights of the Company. The Affiliate shall not act in a way which is inconsistent with or undermines Casino Heroes ownership of any of the trademarks contained in the Marketing material or the Company´s license therefrom. The Affiliate shall not use such trademarks as its trade name or company name, attempt to register, or  challenge any name, mark, design, logo, websites or other branding material that is similar to or may be confused with Casino Heroes and/or of its Affiliates intellectual property.


(g) Furthermore, in the same line of argumentation, the Company reserves the right to monitor the Affiliate Website(s) in order to ensure the Affiliate's compliance with the Terms and Conditions of this Agreement and the Affiliate accepts to provide the Company with all data reasonably requested in order to perform such monitoring.


(h) In the same way, the Affiliate should not take any action which could cause  confusion regarding the relationship of the Company or Casino Heroes Website with the Affiliate and his/ her Website(s). 


(i) The Affiliate shall at all times comply with the Maltese Data Protection Act, the Privacy and Electronic Communications (EC Directive) Regulations from July 2003 and any other similar legislation. For example, the Affiliate shall always inform its users that tracking technology will be installed on the users hard drive when the user clicks on the Links and provide the user with an option to reject such installation.


7. Termination

(a) This Agreement may be terminated without cause by either Party with a thirty (30) days written notice via email to the other Party. No costs will be implied in the Termination process. In the case that Casino Heroes stops offering its online gaming services to its customers through the Casino Heroes Website this Agreement will terminate automatically. 


(b) In the case of breach of terms from the Affiliate part, the Company is entitle to terminate this Agreement with immediate effect by giving written notice of termination to the Affiliate. 


(c) The Company reserves the right to terminate this Agreement with immediate effect by giving written notice of termination to the Affiliate in the following cases: c.1.) the Company identifies suspicious betting patterns that suggest activity where New Customer(s), are benefiting for instance from incentives from the Affiliate to recoup losses and/or other fraudulent activities. The Company also reserves the right to withhold any earnings accumulated from such game play. 

c.2.) bankruptcy, insolvency or liquidation is instituted by or against the Affiliate, or if the Affiliate ceases to do business in the ordinary course.


(d) On the termination of this Agreement the two Parties agree that all rights and licenses granted to the Affiliate under this Agreement shall immediately terminate, and the Affiliate will cease the use of any trademarks, service marks, logos and other designations of the Company.  Particularly, the Affiliate must remove all references to the Casino Heroes Website from the Affiliate Website(s) and close any promoting or marketing activity of the Casino Heroes Website.  

Moreover, the Affiliate must return to Casino Heroes all kinds of Confidential Information. 


(e) On the termination of this Agreement, the Affiliate will be entitled to already earned and unpaid commissions after the effective date of termination only if the termination is not based on a breach by the Affiliate. 


(f) The Affiliate will not be entitled to any reimbursement for any advertising, market development, investments, leases or other costs incurred before any termination of this Agreement. 


(g) If this Agreement is terminated due to Affiliate's breach of any terms and conditions of this Agreement, the Company shall be entitled to keep on hold the Affiliate's earned but unpaid Commissions as the termination date as collateral for any claim arising from such breach.  


(h) Upon the termination of the Agreement, the Affiliate is obliged to return to the Company all sort of Confidential Information in the Affiliate's possession, custody and control.


(i) The Affiliate will release the Company from all obligations and liabilities occurring or arising after the date of termination.  However, the termination will not relieve the Affiliate from any liability arising from any breach of this Agreement, which occurred prior to termination and/or to any liability arising from any breach of confidential information even if the breach arises at any time following the termination of this Agreement. Specifically, the Affiliate’s obligations of confidentiality towards the Company under this Agreement must survive any termination of this Agreement.


8. Confidentiality


(a) All Confidential Information must not be used for the Affiliate’s own commercial or other purposes, or divulged to any person or third party. The Affiliate obliges himself not to use the Confidential Information for any purpose other than the performance of its obligations under this Agreement.



(b) All Confidential Information provided or made available by the Company under this Agreement shall remain the sole and exclusive property of the Company.


(c) As above-mentioned (section 7.(j).) the Confidentiality clause must survive the termination of this Agreement.


9. Intellectual Property


(a) This Agreement will not grant either Party any right, title to or interest in the Intellectual Property Rights of the other Party. In other words, nothing in this Agreement shall constitute any license, assignment, transfer or any other right to any Intellectual Property Rights.


(b) All Intellectual Property Rights created and/or deriving from this Agreement, (including, but without limitation, advertising materials, databases and personal data) shall be and become the sole property of the Company without any rights to the Affiliate (as above mentioned, section 7. (h) ).


(c) At no time during or after the term of this Agreement shall a Party attempt, challenge, assist or allow others to challenge or to register or attempt to register the Intellectual Property Rights or any rights similar to the Intellectual Property Rights of the other Party or of any group companies of the other Party.



10. Relationship of the Parties


(a) This Agreement shall not allow to interpret either Party as an employee, agent or legal representative of the other Party; nor to create any partnership, joint venture, association or syndication among or between the Parties; nor to offer to either Party any express or implied right, power or authority to enter into any agreement, commitment or to impose any obligation on behalf of the other Party.


(b) The Affiliate will not be entitled to assign or transfer its rights or obligations under this Agreement without the express written consent of the Company.


11. Disputes and Governing Law


(a) This Agreement shall be construed in accordance with and be governed by the laws of Malta.


(b) Each Party irrevocably submits to the Malta Arbitration Centre, Malta, over any claim, dispute or matter under or in connection with this Agreement and/or its enforceability.


(c) The Affiliate must, unless otherwise agreed by the parties, or required by applicable law, treat all information disclosed during the arbitration by or on behalf of the parties and all matters relating to the arbitration (including the existence of the arbitration) and the award, as Confidential Information (as defined above, section 8).


12. Miscellaneous


(a) Any notice given or made under this Agreement to the Company shall be sent by email to and marked for the attention of the Affiliate Manager of the Hero Affiliates Program unless otherwise notified by the Company.  If an email is received after 5.00 pm on a Work Day, or occurs on any day which is not a Work Day, the notice shall be deemed to have been received at 9.00 am on the next Work Day. "Work Day" shall mean any day which is not a Saturday, a Sunday or a bank or public holiday in Sweden. 


(b) The Company shall send all notices by email to the email address supplied by the Affiliate in the Affiliate Application.


(c) The Company and the Affiliate will work in close cooperation at all times for the mutual benefit of making the Affiliate Program a successful collaboration.


(d) The Affiliate may not assign this Agreement or any rights hereunder, by operation of law or otherwise, without the prior written consent of the Company. 


(e) Neither party shall be liable to the other for any delay or failure to perform its obligations under this Agreement if such delay or failure arises from a cause beyond its reasonable control, including but not limited to labour disputes, strikes, industrial disturbances, acts of God, acts of terrorism, floods, lightning, utility or communications failures, earthquakes or other casualty. If such event occurs, the non-performing Party is excused from whatever performance is prevented by the event to the extent prevented provided that if the force major event subsists for a period exceeding thirty (30) days then either Party may terminate this Agreement with immediate effect by providing a written notice.


13. Added UK market terms and conditions


(a) Only SEO and PPC traffic is allowed.


(b) Email, SMS, Native or any other direct marketing is not allowed unless this has been approved by your affiliate manager in writing.


(c) Affiliates that target the UK market have to inform the Hero Gaming affiliate team about all sources that will be used towards this purpose and get them approved in writing.


(d) Affiliates also need to inform the Hero Affiliate team about any changes made to earlier approved content or sources.


(e) Affiliates are not allowed to use any of the CasinoHeroes characters, avatars or Bosses for marketing purposes.


(f) The affiliates marketing must always be clear, correctly advertised and state that "T&C apply" and also include an “18+” messaging symbol.


(g) Make sure to not target minors and/or vulnerable players.


(h) Adverts cannot give an impression that gambling can be a source of income or an option to pay off debts.


(i) All detailed bonus information need to be added when promoting the CasinoHeroes bonuses. Including any wagering requirement, minimum deposit info and maximum withdrawal amounts.


(j) A link to the full bonus terms and conditions needs to be added when promoting our bonuses.


(k) Compliance texts like BeGambleAware and/or Gamble responsibly together with a link to https://www.begambleaware.org and/or http://www.gamcare.org.uk/ is required when promoting CasinoHeroes.com towards UK players.


(l) All advertising made by the affiliate must clearly state that it’s not coming from CasinoHeroes / Hero Gaming


(m) If Hero Gaming affiliate partners induce damages (penalties, etc.) for us, we will hold them responsible for these damages.


(n) Failure to follow these added UK market terms and conditions will give the Hero Affiliates team the right to cancel any ongoing affiliate agreement at their will and immediately.


(o) No previous/existing hybrid or CPA deals are valid for the UK market unless agreed on with your affiliate manager.


(p) You will need a new separate affiliate account for your UK traffic.

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Casino Heroes was launched in 2014 with its unique concept and has since delivered a superior life time value and low churn showing how great the product is for both players and affiliates.
Casino Heroes is available for the player on desktop, mobile web, iOS and Android apps.
Betser is taking sports betting one step further with unique concepts and a cool brand. At Betser, the player can be part of unique loyalty strategies in the Balls & Brains concept and also play in the Betser league in a social way of competing with other players.
Betser is a mobile first product and besides a great sports betting has a easy to use casino with games from all of the best providers.
Casino Heroes Betser

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Your commission is based on the amount of player revenue generated monthly in Casino Heroes and Betser.
Your monthly share of the net revenue for all the players you have referred
Net revenue per month Referral commission
€0 - €10 000 20%
€10 001 - €20 000 25%
€20 001 - €30 000 30%
€30 001 - Unlimited 35%
Net revenue = what your players lose - the bonus that players can withdraw - administration fees
Terms and Conditions for Hero Affiliates Program

Our Promise

We are always fair to our affiliates and value extremely our cooperation. Therefore, we promise to be honest and never to untag promoted players or otherwise fool our affiliates. We see you as a part of our team and we have a joint mission to create great Casino Heroes and Betser!​
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    The core of doing good business for you and for us is a great product. Casino Heroes is a unique experience at many levels and gives unprecedented casino excitement. Try it and promote it and you will see!
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    We will not carry over any negative net revenue from one month to another. So being unlucky one month does not affect you negatively in the long term.
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    Zero cost! Becoming a Hero Affiliates does not carry any sign-up cost. Moreover, the process of signing up is just easy peasy.
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    “Honesty is not a policy, it is a state of mind”. - Eugene L´Hote, philosopher – We believe honesty is critical in any sort of relationship. We do not hide costs or manipulate any affiliate data.
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It is easy for you to start promoting Casino Heroes and Betser; we use the well known affiliate software Netrefer that is reliable and makes it easy for you to find the information, material and figures that you need for your business.
Before starting
  • What is the Hero Affiliates Program?
    It is a partnership built between Casino Heroes & Betser and those who run a casino-related website(s). By sharing Casino Heroes or Betser links and banners in your website, you will promote Casino Heroes or Betser. This way, you will refer new Casino Heroes and Betser players. You will earn a percentage of the revenues that your referred players generate after placing a deposit on Casino Heroes or Betser. Starting your affiliate partnership with us it is an easy way to earn extra money.
  • I have already created an account, how do I get started?
    Easy! Just log in your account here Log in. You will find a pool of different banners in different languages. Pick a banner or write your own text, share it in your website and place a link. Voilá!, you are now an Hero Affiliate.
  • Where can I find the terms and conditions that ground the Hero Affiliates Program?
    Just click here and read the Hero Affiliates Program´s Terms and Conditions.
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  • How do I know how much money I am making?
    You will be provided with information regarding your commission and this will be updated every day. You can check it by logging in your Affiliate account and going to “earnings”.
  • For how long time do I get paid for a player?
    You get rewarded for a referred player as long as he/she plays at Casino Heroes and Betser. In other words, you benefit a lifetime income.
  • When do I get the money?
    We will transfer your earnings in the first week of each month. Please note that we have a minimum amount of pay out of 100€ per month. In the case you do not reach that amount, you will be payed out in the next month(s), once you reached the 100€.
  • How do I get paid?
    You can get paid via Skrill, Neteller or via bank transfer. Contact us and we will be happy to tell you more about your payment options.
Keeping track
  • How often are the statistics updated?
    There will be daily updates, so that every morning you will be able to read the updates of your statistics.
  • What if my affiliate account shows negative net earnings?
    Don´t worry, the negative net earning on your account on a specific month are not going to be carried over to the next month.
  • Forgotten password?
    You should click "Forgotten your password?" link placed right under the login bottom in our affiliate website. You will get directions to obtain a new password.
  • More questions?
    For additional questions or suggestions about Hero Affiliates please do not hesitate to contact us. We will be glad to listen to you.
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Hero Affiliates is one of our favorite partners within the casino affiliate business. When you run a casino online it is very important to have good partnerships and use online casinos with great conversions, this is what Hero Affiliates and Casino Heroes give us.


CasinoFeber.se is really pleased to work with professionals - and no word can better describe the team at Hero Affiliates. Their products breathe high quality and the players are responding in a fantastic way to their casinos. We always recommend Hero Affiliates and will continue to do so.


We have been affiliates for 10 years and we really like Betser. Their brand stands out from other brands and it converts really well. We are looking forward to work with Hero Affiliates for many more years.


We are extremely happy with our co-operation with Hero Gaming and our results with both Betser and Casino Heroes have been great. Their affiliate team is also very professional and helpful so we can definitely recommend Hero Gaming to other affiliates as well!


I started to promote Casino Heroes and Betser in the end of 2016. And wow what a great decision. In just two months Betser went to top 3 of my best performing brands. And the service from their affiliate team is always impeccable. I definitely recommend other affiliates to work with them.


Casino Heroes is offering a unique opportunity for both customers and affiliates. There is no other casino like Casino Heroes. This make them easy to market and the customers stays longer than just going for a bonus. We at CasinoVal.se can highly recommend to work with Casino Heroes and the team around the affiliate program Heroes Affiliates.


Casino Heroes truly stand out with their innovative gaming platform. Combine that with great people and you have what you need to make it.


We've been working with CasinoHeroes for a while now and we see great results. CasinoHeroes is a very good gambling company, according to us. We are very happy with our relationship and will continue this great trip together


We really enjoy working closely together with the HeroAffiliates team. Fredrik and Caroline are always helpful and provides a lot of support for us on a regular basis. We hope to keep developing our relationship over years to come


Our main focus on Slotsspel.org is to be able to provide exciting and high quality slots for Swedish players, which Casino Heroes definitely have been helping us with. It´s easy to advertise them because of a unique casino concept. We´re very happy with the collaboration and would definitely recommend Casino Heroes and the affiliate program to other affiliates.


When you´re looking for a well converting casino for Finnish players, Casino Heroes is definitely the right choice. A unique brand with a lot of exciting promotions and campaign materials for both the players and the affiliates.


At Uudet-nettikasinot.org, we have enjoyed working with the dedicated team at Casino Heroes, especially with Martina. The support is very professional and fast, which is important when it comes to creating good relationships within the Igaming business. We hope to continue working with Casino Heroes for many more years to come.


Casino Heroes is a unique casino that will keep the players playing for a long time, which also makes us happy thanks to the great revenue. Casino Heroes makes it easy for us to keep our players happy. The affiliate team is also there whenever you need help or inputs. Highly recommended brand and affiliate program!


Casino Heroes and specially Martina and Caroline is a great pleasure to work with. Whatever we need, they always help us very fast and with a smile on their faces. The brand itself is also a very unique concept and works very well for Finnish players. We would definitely recommend Casino Heroes to other affiliates!


Vi på Frisnurrar imponeras stort av Fredrik och resten av affiliate mangers hur väl de tar hand om dig. Det spelar ingen roll om du är stor eller lite affiliate du känner dig alltid som deras viktigaste affiliate. Utöver det så konventerar brandet superbra och de erbjuder ett casinoäventyr som inget annat casino gör vilket gör att dina spelare kommer ha en enorm livslägnd hos Casino Heroes vilket är extremt unikt!


Casino Heroes is the casino we prefer to promote because we love it and so do our visitors!


Casino Heroes is truly the best casino we ever promoted because players clearly love the game so much that not only they convert very well but also keep on playing for a very long period.


It's hard to tell only one reason why we love working with Hero Affiliates. But if we have to choose one, we believe their attention to the players is probably why we see such fantastic results as affiliates. For us it would be unthinkable not to promote Casino Heroes.


Vi på Slotsia.com har valt att arbeta med Casino Heroes just på grund av deras goda rykte både bland affiliates och operatörer. Produkten talar för sig själv, och med så pass hög konvertering som de erbjuder är det ett casino som är för bra för att inte samarbeta med. Vilka som även underlättar vår vardag är Caroline och Fredrik som båda är utmärkta affiliate managers. Utan tvekan kommer vi att fortsätta att jobba med Casino Heroes och kan varmt rekomendera företaget.


We have just started our relationship with Casino Heroes but are very impressed with the affiliate team and the great system. We get all support needed to get started and promote this great online casino. So far we have seen great conversion and an outstanding player value. We are looking forward for a long lasting relationship with Casino Heroes.


Casino heroes is one of our new best friends in the casino affiliate business. They have a great brand with a lot of marketing activities that give great conversion. The affiliate team on Casino Heroes are always very helpful and are working hard with lot of promotions for the players. That gives good player value and we can really recommend to work with them.


Casino Heroes is one of the most innovative online casinos today. The concept is unique and cool and this is why we love to work with Casino Heroes and the affiliate program Hero Affiliates.


It is a great pleasure to work with CasinoHeroes. Excellent brand, great conversions plus a dedicated affiliate team ready to help anytime! Not to mention that payments are always on time - Highly recommended!


Casino Heroes delivers an innovative gaming experience and is a casino that is highly praised among players both in Scandinavia and the rest of the world. For us as an affiliate this means good conversions and high player retention. Payments are always on time and the affiliate managers are friendly and easy to work with. You can't go wrong with sending your traffic to Casino Heroes.


The uniqueness of Casino Heroes makes the perfect fit for any casino affiliate. The incredible design of the promotional material almost makes a partnership with Hero Gaming worth it without the profitability you'll also experience.


Casino Heroes har något stort på gång och vi är glada över att kunna vara med i utvecklingen. Deras affiliate team är ett av de bästa i branschen och vi har aldrig haft några problem.


Casino Heroes is a well known brand in the Scandinavian market. And we have the pleasure to promote them in Norway. With the free spins promotions and weekly campaigns, the players keeps coming back to the brand. It also helps to have a professional affiliate team that is helping is to make the most of the traffic we are sending. Hats of for Caroline and the people behind Casino Heroes.


Casino Heroes är det självklara valet för oss. Det är ett casinoäventyr som står ut från mängden, det är våra casinohjältar. Det är Casino Heroes unika casinoäventyr som håller spelarvärdet i topp. Att arbeta med Caroline på Hero affiliates är dessutom en fröjd.


As an affiliate promoting Casino Heroes I must say I’m impressed. The casino convertes like no other brand depside the young age of the casino. It seems like the players have really been searching for a new innovative casino like Casino Heroes that offers so much more than just the standard play functions. As an affiliate I also know that I get all the banners, information and promotions I need to promote Casino Heroes the best way I can. Per Thorn is always willing to help and gives us the time we need to get everything in order for up coming campaigns and offers.

I’m really looking forward to see the progress of this popular casino as it has an enormous potential and already has become so popular. At AllasCasino we are proud to be a part of the adventure at such an early stage and Casino Heroes has already become one of our own favourite casinos. We’re also excited to see the Heroes adventure progressing and becoming even more great. Some of our visitors has pointed out that they wish to keep their valuables even after a withdrawal has been made so this might be something you want to look into and might want to change. Other than that we have only heard kind words of Casino Heroes and players are looking forward to the launch of the mobile site.


Hero Affiliates is one of our prime partners and there are many reasons why. First of all the brand Casino Heroes is like no other. With a brand like this you can’t compare the conversions with other brands. The players gets to be part of a whole adventure which seems like something they have been missed before. With both the casino, the adventure and all rewards players keep on coming and the earnings increases every month. It feels good to be part of something bigger!

As affiliates we also like that Hero Affiliates works with netrefer, offers lots of creatives and good support. With both Per and Carl by your side you will always get the latest information about promos and new offers. There is never a problem to get costum made banners or landing pages. So to sum it up, Casino Heroes has it all and we can warmly recommend others to be part of the adventure!


Casino Heroes och deras spännande casinoäventyr är ett självklart val för oss. De erbjuder en unik produkt som sticker ut i mängden och vi ser fram emot att växa tillsammans med dem!


Casino Heroes has since day one delivered a unique and fantastic product both as an affiliate and casino. Really good team and a of the world's best casinos have done that our job as an affiliate is very simple and profitable ! We at casinopro.se think this is a brand all casino affiliate must have!


For those of us who love free spins and runs a free spins related Guide , Casino Heroes been wonderful. Really good free spins offer for new players in Sweden and the best extra-spin as Saga calls it the Big Spin where each spin is worth 2€. In short , we have had really good profitability and a very nice collaboration with Casino Heroes since they started.


In my opinion, this is the future of online gaming which appeals to the current generation of players out there. When I first heard of Casino Heroes I immediately signed up and started sending traffic, the player value, the support and the payments turned out to be on par or better than the casinos I already advertise on Casinon.com, except for Casino Heroes, their unique approach got many times more the amount of players from the same position. Instead of another generic looking bland casino, Casino Heroes innovates online gaming with its unique world map, boss battles and prices. Casinon.com highly recommends Casino Heroes.


Att samarbeta med partners som konverterar och som lyckas behålla de kunder vi skickar till dem är väldigt viktigt för oss på CasinoSpesialisten. Casino Heroes har precis allt vi söker hos en partner och att ingå ett samarbete med dem visade sig vara ett av de bättre beslut som vi fattat. Vi rekommenderar Casino Heroes till alla affiliates som vill se sin verksamhet blomstra, både på kort och lång sikt.


När utbudet av casinoleverantörer bara ökar, blir det allt viktigare för oss på Spelautomater att marknadsföra produkter som vi vet håller i det långa loppet. Casino Heroes visar inte bara på en konverteringsgrad utöver de vanliga, de lyckas också behålla kunderna vilket innebär ökande intäkter så gott som varje månad. Casino Heroes är en samarbetspartners som alla seriösa affiliates borde ha i rockärmen!


För oss på CasinoFamily är samarbetet med Casino Heroes en självklarhet, ett casinoäventyr som levererar äkta spelupplevelse tillsammans med hög proffessionalitet är alltid det självklara valet för oss! vi rekommenderar dem som samarbetspartnern till alla affiliates som söker efter ett seriöst online casino med nöjda och återkommande casinospelare.


We are happy to see that a casino finally is thinking outside the box. Casino Heroes is giving the customer an experience which is more than just the casino games. Casino Heroes brings casino to life. With good player value, a helpful affiliate team, and quick payots. Their is no reason not to promote Casino Heroes.


Working with Casino Heroes has been amazing so far. Their dedicated affiliate managers and excellent product makes this a top tier affiliate program.


Working with Herogaming is a true pleasure with great people and great conversion


We like the brand, we like the evolution of the casino genre in this unique and thrilling casino adventure. To keep it short, we like Casino Heroes!


Great working with the service minded people at Hero gaming, highly recommended for brilliant results


Casino Heroes är utan tvekan det mest innovativa bolaget på den svenska casinomarknaden. Dess unika äventyrsvärld bidrar till ökad lojalitet bland svenska casinospelare och därmed också ökade intäkter för oss affiliates. Vi på Svenskacasino.se kan varmt rekommendera Casino Heroes för den som vill öka värdet på sina casinospelare. Bolaget består även av ett bra team som alltid finns tillgängligt.


We find FreeSpins Daily and no casino, offers, to our knowledge more freespins Daily than Casinoheroes.com in addition to its huge welcome bonus.


Casino Heroes fungerar klockrent och konverterar redan från dag ett! Lämpligt för alla slags casinoentusiaster, bloggare och portaler. Fem stjärnor i betyg!


At Slotssons.com, we like to focus on innovation and casinos that drives the industry forward. CasinoHeroes offers the player a completely unique gaming experience, and this consistantly catches the attention of our visitors. The generous welcome offer, along with the many other promotions they offer their players, makes this casino extremely easy to promote, and conversion so far has been great


Working with Hero Affiliates has been a real pleasure! The groundbreaking attitude they have when it comes to providing the best experience for their players is also visible in the day to day communication with their associates. Our experience with their affiliate crew was outstanding up to now and we are quite sure it will become even better with time.


My customers love the unique way of gambling which casino heroes offers, this together with an responsive affiliate team its clear choice to promote in top of our websites.


Working with Heroaffiliates has been such a pleasure. Especially because the team behind their operation are dedicated and nice guys that surely has proven over and over to be great of what they do. Our biggest recommendation!


Casitabi has been one of our preferred partners since we launched our website. They have an excellent product and have always been keen to helping us with whatever we need.


Hero affiliates has provided us with one of the best interfaces and provides good grounds to work with. We see their brand growing in many innovative ways that follows and designs the path for the industry. We are glad to work with Hero Affiliates. The Betser brand is also really awesome!


We've had a great collaboration with Casino Heroes since day one, great conversion rate, the managers highly professional. We're proud here at spinmybonus.com to call them partners and we wish to recommend them to anyone.


Casino Heroes and Betser are both top-notch brands that convert really nicely. Everything has always worked flawlessly with Hero Gaming and we will definitely continue to promote their brands in the future as well. Highly recommended!


We at Betsmart.se did not hesitate for a second when the new bookie Betser was to be launched. We are very pleased with the result and we think Betser is a really good sportsbook with a unique touch.


HeroAffiliates is one of our most trusted partners and we have worked with them since day one. They use Netrefer which is very easy to use. We highly recommend any affiliate with Scandinavian traffic to cooperate with this fantastic company.


Casino Heroes offers a unique journey with stunning visuals that makes it one of the most exciting experiences for new and experienced casino players alike. The brand resonates really, really well with our Finnish audience who are always searching for something special. We are looking forward to working with the dedicated Hero Affiliates team for a long time to come.


One of Sweden's best and unique brands with good results and long-term value. Just what we at ElitCasinon.com value the highest. Very nice to work with special Sami who has very good care of his partners, the industry is well and pleasant. We highly recommend both Heroes as a partner and Heroes as a fire on all Swedish sites.


Casino Heroes is truly an innovative and excellent casino, both for players and affiliates alike. We have been working with Hero Affiliates since they launched and we have nothing but positive to say about the program. Highly recommended.


Suntspel.se can strongly recommend the top of the game affiliate program, Hero Affiliates, and their brands CasinoHero, Betser and Casitabi.


We at Spinsia.com do really enjoy working with Casino Heroes, they have a great Casino with a good amount of slots and a great commision structure for affiliates. We do recommend Hero Gaming to everyone!


Hero affiliates has been our partner for a long time and Nätcasino.net really appreciate both their brands Casino Heroes and Betser. Great looking online casinos with a niche that really attracts good players. If you are aiming long term players with a good player value, do as us at Nätcasino and start to promote at least one of these casinos online today!


Betser casino was one of the best new casinos during last year. Along with Casino Heroes you will have the opportunity to promote two of the best brands on the market of online casino this year and during 2018. Supreme player value and a affiliate team that always helps you out!


Once you go Hero, You won't see a Zero! This is a awesome affiliation program with one of the best conversions today. Both for Casino Heroes and Betser your players will receive a great casino bonus and stay for a long, long time. Do yourself a favour and start promoting the Hero-brands during 2018. You won't regret it!


Hero Gaming is one of the best partners we have in this business. They are extremely professional and always strive to achieve the best results. We are very satisfied with their brands and we proudly promote them in the top of our marketing channels.


We enjoy working with Hero Affiliates and their high converting brands. They offer great support, amazing marketing material and a good relationship.


HeroAffiliates is a great affiliate program and we love working with them here at NetEntBigWins. They are one of the best brands in the gaming industry and are highly respected. We always enjoy the service we receive from them and work very closely to provide the best results.


Here at Internettikasino, we aim at providing players with the best Finnish gaming experience and HeroAffiliates do just that! They offer top casino experiences for all of our players and offer us the best service around!


Hero Affiliates is a great partner to work with, high professionalism throughout their entire organisation. Their innovative and unique brands generate long-term value for the affiliate, as well as an extraordinary adventure for the players.


Betser works really well at our betting tips site. They have a great product with unique features, our visitors love it. We got great support from our affiliate manager as well.


Hero Gaming is one of our absolut favourites among our different partners today. Two great brands in Casino Heroes and Betser, their new online casino. With a great conversion and players with a high value, we are looking forward to see what the Hero will bring us in 2018!


Want your players to take part of the greatest online casino adventure? Start to promote Casino Heroes today and you will get really impressed players, for sure! One of the coolest brands there is and our players love that, as well as they love the casino bonus they get!


HeroGaming and Casino Heroes has worked perfectly for us since day one. We have players from around the globe, and Casitabi is one of the best casinos online in Japan as well. Start your partnership with HeroGaming today and be sure to promote one of the best online casinos in 2018!


Slotsify is focusing on promoting the best brand in the industry and Casino Heroes is obviously one of those. As an affiliate to Hero Affiliates expect amazing support and feedback from your affiliate manager, fast payments and a great brand with superb numbers where people love to deposit!


The team at Heroaffiliates have been very helpful since we started working with them. Especially Sami that is always available to answer any questions. We will keep on working for a long time.


Hero Affiliates are a pleasure to work with, and we couldn't be happier. They've been a great tool for us in our aim to expand, and they represent a really good brand. Top quality, I'd recommend them to anybody


We like Casino Heroes for their prompt and personal service. A good partner that keeps its promises!


Casino Heroes has a fantastic and innovative concept which appeals to gamblers in Scandinavia. We enjoy working with the helpful and responsive team behind it.


We love working with Casino Heroes! They have taken the casino adventure on another level, and we can see that our players respond to that extremely well.


Hero Affiliates has been helping us for a while now and the level of service and support is impressive, particularly from our personal manager Sami. Here at jackpotscience.com, we are always on the lookout for opportunities and Casino Heroes and Betser have given us just that. Players love the exciting promotions and our conversion rates have improved significantly. The affiliate team work hard with us to produce lasting results and the commission rates are good. Add to that an easy system and payments received on time, and we could not be happier with the partnership!


We came across this new operator tipped off by a super large affiliate, although we just started we can see conversions are high in this casino. We can already see that this new brand will give a very good performance in our market for months to come


Hero Gaming brings a whole new style of casinos to the industry. We are happy to be part of their team and looking forward to continue working with them in the future. We are happy with the results we have obtained with them so far.


The collab between Hero Affiliates and New Casino Sites UK has been a pleasure from the very beginning. Their new casino site Casino Heroes provides true player value to all of our players. Not to mention their account mgmt pros, truly recommended!


New Online Casinos UK are most pleased that we started working with Hero Affiliates. Great people who are always super helpful when needed. Their new online casino, Casino Heroes, is also a true joy for all of our players!


We really enjoy being partners with heroaffiliates.com and their nice casino sites such as Casino Heroes. The support is great! We hope to maintain and develop this relationship for years to come!


We are very excited to push Casino Heroes as a new brand in the UK. This fun casino product will surely be a great success! On our website we promote new casinos, along with the latest promotions. We can recommend any affiliate to work with the amazing team behind the scene!


We are very thankful for the support of Casino Heroes and love their innovative product! It is a perfect match with our website where we only list the best casinos and the latest bonus offers! Keep up the great work :)


With a great selection of brands, a team of helpful affiliate managers to answer all our queries and last but not least fantastic rev share opportunities, the affiliates program at Hero Affiliates definitely stands out from the rest. Each of their brands brings something extraordinary to the table in terms of casino bonuses, promotions and array of casino games which in effect really helps to reel in customers. Overall, Hero Affiliates gets our full recommendation for their professionalism and we can honestly say that we look forward to continue our existing partnership with the company.


At BoomtownBingo we are happy to be working with Casino Heroes because they are very responsive to any of our questions and always happy to help. We at Boomtown Bingo recommend Casino Heroes because of how excellent they are at getting back to you and helping you promote casino brands.